10-year challenge

10-year challenge is going viral, check interesting photos

Social media platforms have been widely following by almost all of us. In the last couple of years, social media is dominated by various challenges, and people including celebrities warmly take part in those. From the ice buckets challenge to Kiki challenge, there are so many more, have been gone viral on the social media platforms. This time, there’s a new viral challenge is everywhere, and that’s 10-year challenge on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

On social media, you might have noticed nowadays that people are posting old-and-new photos including profile pictures. The #10yearchallange is trending all over.

10-year challenge is going viral

Under the hashtag, people are sharing 10 years old photo with a current photo. This shows the comparison between old and new, and how was the things or the person 10 years back from now. This 10-year challenge is also running with names such as #10yearchallenge, ‘glow-up challenge’ or ‘2009 vs 2019’.

We’ll now show you some very interesting pictures of the 10-year challenge posted by different people on Twitter, that will amuse you.

Here are more interesting pictures posted by people on twitter.


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