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Ekta Kapoor says her son is only 3 months old but recognizes people in her office

Ekta Kapoor says her son is only 3 months old, but he recognizes people in her office:  Producer Ekta Kapoor recently introduced the world to her son Ravi whom she had met through surrogacy. Recently in a special conversation with BT, she talked about balancing maternity and her work commitments.

Ekta says that “At present, life is to spend as much time with my son as possible. These days, I try and leave the office just before normal. She also tells that she has regretted not having already established creche in her office.  I often bring the office to Ravi and she spends time with my team. I have a huge support system in my mother and my team, so whenever I engage in meetings, they entertain her. She is only three months old, but she has made friends with my colleagues and it may seem unrealistic, but she recognizes people at work.

That’s why I have installed a creche in my office. Even when my son grows up, the creche will continue, because it is important for working mothers to be around their children. In fact, I should have made it in my office a long time ago. I have not regretted that I did before, she shares.

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What about pulling TV shows and actors returning from the dead? Ekta replied that “Is John Snow not coming back from the dead? If you are not the audience, you will criticize, but then, he plays.

The data proves that people are watching the show because each time a kidnapping, murder or a hero is returned, there is a surge in the rating. This is escapism for Indian audiences. ”

Talking about work, it is natural for us to ask about Nagin and ghosts in their show, which is often criticized. But an unaware unity backtracked, “What are the big shows that are working on the international level, currently? People are watching dragons.

Seeing dragons for them is uber cool, but when India sees Naagins, then it is not good. Is not it anti-people? Why do we think about the public and their choice? “

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