Airtel Discount coupon

How to avail free Airtel discount coupon of Rs.1500

Airtel, one of the top Indian telecom provider, is offering a discount to its existing customer. The customers can avail an Airtel discount coupon worth Rs.1500 under new scheme launched by the company.


Free Airtel discount coupon of Rs.1500

If you are an Airtel customer, then you can take advantage of this coupon of Rs.1500. Company offered this coupon to attract new customers, as well as to retain existing customers. Additionally, the company is trying to get more customers towards the postpaid connections. Also, after the arrival of Jio, there’s a huge completion in the telecom industry. And even Jio is offering discounts to its customers such as, recent Jio Celebrations Pack.

So, know what is this Airtel discount coupon and how can you avail this? Read information in this context below-


What is Airtel discount coupon offer?

Under the new scheme, Airtel will provide a discount coupon of Rs.1500 to its existing customer, if they add the other network subscribers into Airtel. It’s clear that if you invite other subscribers from your Airtel connection and add them to Airtel, then you will be able to get an Airtel discount coupon of Rs.1500. The company named it the referral scheme.


How to get the money from the Airtel Referral scheme?

Under this scheme, if you add new customers of other network to Airtel, you will get a discount in your postpaid bill. Upon adding each new customer, 3 coupons of Rs.50 will be given. Under this referral program, a customer can only add up to 10 customers, which will total up to Rs.1500 of Airtel discount coupon. Here, Note that corporate customers of Airtel can’t become referrers under the scheme.

How to Use this Airtel discount coupon?

Customers can use this coupon when paying their Airtel bill. In the notification of ‘my Airtel App’, the link ‘Rs.150 discount on your postpaid bill’ will be present. You can take advantage of discount coupon by referring it to your friends. This credit will be activated after 24 hours after the new user joins.

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