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IGGY AZALEA I’m pressing charges Lenders of my GQ NUDES


5:58 pm PT – Photographer shoots Iggy Azalea for GQ Australia’s cover that year, says her photos were stolen and published without her permission.


She has also mentioned that there is an investigation going on, and it is promised that the culprit will be prosecuted. Photographs say, “I sympathize with any inconvenience that has happened to anyone because of this situation.” He did not mention Iggy by name.

Iggy Azalea is equally hurt and hurt that someone cheated her and leaked nude photos with a shoot that he had done for years before GQ … justifying the guilty party.

After leaking the GQ photoshoot topless, Iggy Azalea released the statement after disabling its social media accounts.

IGGY AZALEA I’m pressing charges Lenders of my GQ NUDES

The topless photos of the Australian MC made its place on the internet in the weekend, due to which there was a flood of inappropriate comments aimed at her. And, finally, she completely disabled his social media accounts on IG and Twitter.

She tells that many women have done this topless shoot. But it’s never released and she’ll deactivate her accounts for now.

Later, she re-activated one of the accounts to issue a statement. It can’t be very clear – she’s not happy about it, and she’s going to find out who scared her.

Iggy has written that there is no such reason that she was working on the shoot that day. She should have saved her own topless shots, saying that she was violent, embarrassed, violated. And a tornado of other feelings on the invasion of privacy Feels.

In the comments that have been deleted since then, Iggy says that the photos were shot shots out of her 2016 GQ Australia cover shoot. And she was assured that her completely topless photos will not cut the final. She says that she never allowed seeing the light of day for those picks.

He ends with this … “I intend to fully explore where the leak originated and pressed criminal charges in this regard. It’s important to me that someone really doesn’t have to be held responsible and the way it affects my life.”

We have reached GQ Australia for comments … By now, no word is returned.

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