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A woman underwent 200+ surgeries to look like a cartoon!

Can you believe that a woman has gone through 200+ plastic surgeries, to look just like a living cartoon? Yes, this is true. Pixee Fox has undergone so many surgeries.

Pixee Fox underwent 200+ plastic surgeries to look like a cartoon

She wants to look like a Disney doll, and the fad is so much that she has undergone more than 200 plastic surgeries, including her recent brow lift, cheekbone reduction, eyelash transplant using pubic hair, and breast transplants.

What does Pixee want to look like? 

Pixee Fox is a Disney-obsessed woman who has already done many surgeries on her body. Just to get a figure of a Disney cartoon doll, she even had surgery to remove her six ribs.


Where did Pixee travel for her plastic surgeries? 

Pixee is a resident of North Carolina, America. But for these transformations, she has traveled to India, Europe, South Korea, America, Turkey, and some other countries. She also has spent a lot of money on these surgeries.


What are Pixee Fox surgeries that she has had? 

She had undergone many rounds of liposuction, labioplasty, bum lift, nose transplants, and ear alteration. His recent surgeries include brow lifts, a cheekbone reduction, eyelash transplant using pubic hair, and breast transplants.

Recently, Pixee traveled to South Korea for a surgery, which was a face breaking process. It was so risky that could paralyze her. Although, she is still planning to go for more surgeries.

Pixee fox surgery

What does the doctor say to Pixee about her surgeries? 

Pixee has crossed the limits of plastic surgeries, and now doctors have instructed not to go for any new surgery. Doctors told Pixee that now she should stop having plastic surgery.

Video Courtesy: The Doctors (YouTube)

How did Pixee look before her surgeries? 

Prior to the surgery, Pixee looked slim and natural. Her obsession changed her completely and now she looks like a living cartoon doll, it’s quite uncommon.

Pixee Fox old

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