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Did Salman Khan gift a house of 55 lakhs to viral singer Ranu Mondal? Let’s know

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Ranu Mondal, who is much in headlines these days, went viral due to her singing. Thanks to social media, Ranu Mondal, who used to sing on the footpath and platform, has now reached the studio.

People very much liked Ranu’s singing, who keeps on singing Lata Mangeshkar’s songs. Listening to her singing, the audience, as well as the entire Bollywood, is tying the praises for Ranu. At the same time, Salman has even recommended Ranu Mandal to sing in Bollywood films. After Salman Khan’s recommendation, famous singer Himesh Reshammiya made her sing a song for his film.

Did Salman Khan gift Ranu Mondal a house?

There are also reports that Salman Khan gifted Ranu Mondal a house in Mumbai, which is worth 55 lakhs. Along with Salman Khan’s gift, it’s also being told that Salman is thinking about singing a song from Ranu for his upcoming film Dabangg 3.

Now let’s talk about the facts, at the moment there is no such strong news that Salman Khan has gifted a house to Ranu Mondal. Also, in Dabangg 3, there has been no confirmation of the news of singing the song.


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Ranu Mandol became a social media sensation overnight. The video of Ranu singing the old classical song “Ek Pyar ka nagma hai” in a mobile video recording became so viral that it exposed Ranu Mondal in front of everyone. The audience and Bollywood were surprised to listen to Ranu’s song. Himesh Reshammiya went on to sing Renu in the title song ‘Teri Meri Kahani’ from his upcoming film Happy, Hardy and Heer.

Talk about Salman Khan, he is celebrating 31st year of his Bollywood career. He thanked his fans while posting on Twitter and said that his 31-years’ Bollywood journey was very special, in which his well-wishers and audience have been very supportive.

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