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Dear Salman Khan, please leave Priyanka Chopra for ‘Meeti’ role in Bharat

Dear Salman Khan, please leave Priyanka Chopra for ‘Meeti’ role in Bharat:- Director Ali Abbas Zafar has said Priyanka Chopra was the first choice to play the lead female role in India. But after coming out of his sudden exit from the film, it seemed that some people associated with the film would have wings. And, suppose, Salman Khan is also one of them.

In his first official statement, through the tweets, Ali confirmed that Priyanka had outlined Bharat in “Nick of Time”, pointing to his engagement with American singer Nick Jonas at that time.

Priyanka Chopra for ‘Meeti’ role in Bharat

According to a recent statement given to the Mumbai Mirror, Salman was clearly not able to get away from Priyanka’s film. However, Priyanka never said the reason for her exit in the media, herself, India’s director Ali and Salman have talked about it on many occasions.

Ali talked about it many times since Priyanka decided to go away from the film. And, when he chose to be polite in his words, Salman did not give a single chance to pass the silly comments on the actress, which was later replaced by Katrina Kaif in the film.

Dear Salman Khan, please leave Priyanka Chopra for 'Meeti' role in Bharat

After the last time Priyanka left the project, Salman again said, “Priyanka! I will always thank him. Bharat was going to the floor and just five days before shooting, Priyanka met me.” I further say that he will not be able to work in the film. ”

In his latest interview, the dabbing actor has once again said, after taking a pinch on Priyanka, “If he does not leave Bharat, how can we bring Katrina on board”?

The 53-year-old actor further said that Priyanka had been offered an emotional role in Bharat, instead, “She chose to play the role of a wife, which is even more beautiful, but Katrina is not playing the role of a wife and That is why she is playing the role in Bharat. ”

As it was not enough, it continued, “Even after the trailer was released, Priyanka did not call me, now, if she had some real problem then it is okay. I believe that whatever happens, good For me. ”

What does this mean now?

Is she trying to congratulate Priyanka for passing an “emotional” opportunity and she is choosing that she was more important to her than that or she is trying to tell that Katrina is in Bharat’s life How fortunate is she because she is not getting married? Whatever, but I am sure he can put it in another way.

If a person has decided to leave a project for some reason, as is the case in this matter, then what is the reason for this? Because Salman gives Chuck! Or how many times did he argue about the illusionist for that matter?

It is time that she let Priyanka go out of Bharat and come with her. Because Priyanka will never say to Katrina – “If I had a bazenger, there would have been no vendetta in Bandstand today,” like Salman told Shahrukh Khan; Not even in fun.

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