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Salman Khan Takes Another Dig at Priyanka Chopra

Salman Khan Takes Another Dig at Priyanka Chopra: – Salman Khan apparently could not take Priyanka Chopra’s forthcoming film from India. When the actress’s impatient marriage with American singer Nick Jonas was cited, at that time the producers were told the reason for their sudden departure, some reports claimed that Priyanka would obviously get involved in many actors were not happy with.

After days of an indirect excavation on the actress to leave the project, Dabangg Star once again talked about it.

Her role finally went to Katrina Kaif But from her sudden exit from the film, it seemed that she had some feathers. And, Salman is also one of them.

Salman Khan Takes Another Dig at Priyanka Chopra

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Salman thanked Priyanka because Katrina talked about her character in the film. She said that even though she was not a part of the film, she could help in the promotion because she liked the script of India.

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However, Salman said that Katrina deserves the National Film Award for the film. He said, “She thinks I’m joking, but I do not think anyone else thinks so. I think there is a 1000% chance of winning his National Film Award.”

He said, “During Bharat’s time, she chose the United States of America in Nick, she worked hard throughout his life and when she got the biggest film of his life, she left the film, got married and left it.”

In a recent interview with Mumbai Mirror, he said, “Thank you, Priyanka! I will always be grateful to them. Bharat was going to the floor. And just five days before shooting, Priyanka meets me and says,  she will not do it “it be able to work in the movie.”


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