WhatsApp Multi Share upgrade

What’s the new upgrade of WhatsApp Share? Know its benefits

The Facebook-owned company, WhatsApp, is bringing new features in the market and all these, one better than another. Also, testing of some more features is also running on its beta version. At the moment, WhatsApp has updated the multi-share feature on the Android platform.

New upgrade of WhatsApp Share

What will the user benefit from this new upgrade in Whatsapp Multi-Share? And how can we take advantage of it? Let’s understand the following in detail:


What’s new in WhatsApp Multi-Share Feature?

Due to this new update in the company’s multi-share feature, if you share any text of any third party app with two or more users. You will see its preview before sharing. It is also being reported that now users will also get the interface of GIF search in WhatsApp, which will enable them to easily search for their favorite GIFs.


When will WhatsApp Multi-Share be available?

If seen, the company WhatsApp is currently testing this feature on the beta version. WhatsAppBetaInfo has publicized on Twitter that, the user can get this by downloading betas version 2.18.366 and 2.18.325. When the company successfully tests this feature, it will be made public for all users.


How this feature will work?

In WhatsApp Multi-Share Feature upgrade, whenever the URL for any third party website sharing to more than two users using share option on WhatsApp, then before that, the sender will also see the short preview of that URL. With the preview feature, the sender can easily figure out what is being sent. Also can easily know that he/she has selected right connect that he/she wanted to share.

As we know, nowadays, use of social sites, such as YouTube, Twitter, have increased. And people started using them for professional tasks too. After the upgraded WhatsApp multi-share feature, mistakes in sharing link or content may reduce. And with this preview before share, the sender can be assured that he/she is sharing intended content to another person.

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