Honey Singh New song Makhna

Yo Yo Honey Singh new song Makhna much liked in youngsters

Yo Yo Honey Singh new song Makhna is grabbing attention among youngsters. The song ‘Makhna’ has been viewed more than 65 million times on YouTube so far, and came in the list of hit songs in 2018.

Earlier in the month of October 2018, the Indian music company T-series had Shared a poster and informed that the Honey Singh new song Makhna is coming soon. Finally, on December 21, T-series has uploaded the song ‘Makhna’ on youTube.

Yo Yo Honey Singh new song Makhna being much liked in youngsters

Honey Singh has sung many hit songs and has a great fan following. Of course, every one of his fans was waiting for his song. After all, with the Yo Yo’s new song Makhna, He did a comeback in the music industry.

After how much time, Honey Singh did a comeback?

With the song Makhna, Yo Yo has done a comeback in the singing after a long period of 4 years.


Who sang the song Makhna with Honey Singh?

Along with Honey Singh, The song Makhna has sung by Neha Kakkar, Singhsta, Pinaki, Sean and Allistair.

How is Honey Singh appearing in the Makhna music-video?

In the Honey Singh new song Makhna, he appeared in a different avatar. He has long hair and gained some weight as well. And the overall background was giving a feel of his old hit and evergreen songs.

What was Honey Singh’s reaction after the song release?

Honey Singh is happy with his comeback and his latest song Makhna. in fact, seeing the craze about his song, the singer-composer he said that he is overwhelmed with this great response from the audience.

Watch Yo Yo Honey Singh new song Makhna:

Video Credit: T-Series (YouTube)

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